Maximo Enterprise Learning Suite

Eli Lilly & Co. needed a platform to interactively train employees on the Maximo Enterprise Suite, an asset management tool. I worked alongside an international team to create a Flash-based application that facilitated training objectives using a variety of approaches. The MXES Learning Center application consists of several modules and several stages within each module. The user is expected to go through the learning stage, the review stage, and the practice stage. Each stage is presented as a clickable, navigable tutorial of the MXES software, and the user is guided along via spoken instructions, written script, and on-screen elements.

Aside from implementing the main Flash system for displaying the interactive tutorials, I also worked closely with the script writers and voice actors on the project, editing and aligning voiceovers to match on-screen activity and tutorial state. The project was well received and has since been translated into multiple languages.